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A cold air intake is one of the most common bolt-on modifications that can be done on any make or model car.  This is because it's the first step to unlocking the potential power regardless of the power plant under your hood.  It also helps that they are reasonably priced and one of the easiest modifications to do to your vehicle.  With ROUSH's new line up of cold air intakes for the 2015 Ford Mustang, you have an even better reason to add it to you car.

ROUSH recently dyno tuned all three power plants in the Mustang with the new Cold Air Intake and saw impressive gains across the board.  The 5.0L V8 saw gains of 10.4 horsepower and 8.54lb-ft of torque, the V6 saw gains of 10.52 horsepower and 9.8lb-ft of torque. While the new 2015 EcoBoost engine saw an incredible 29.6hp gain and 27.89lb-ft of torque. 

Not only is the Cold Air Intake available for the Mustangs, but it is also available for your F150 as well.  To get yours now, call us here at AIM Performance and be one of the first.


"Between a road car and a race car is a ROUSH car..." (Jack Roush")  This statement couldn't describe better what it is like to own a ROUSH Mustang, it is the perfect blend between track and street, a large part of this comes from the aggressive look and aerodynamics that the ROUSH Body Kit offers.  The vented hood provides efficient heat extraction keeping your engine running at a normal temperature no matter how hard you run it.  The functional scoop on the hood, serves both as a mean look for the vehicle as well as forcing cool air into the motor resulting in a better running more efficient power plant.  Moving down from the hood we see the aggressive high-flow upper grille and lower opening as well as ROUSH's front chin spoiler.  The redesigned upper and lower opendings help to feed more cool air into the engine bay.  The front chin splitter creates extra downforce to prevent the front end lifting at the high speeds a Roush can reach.  The added deck spoiler, inspired from many years of NASCAR racing is small and aggressive but creates large amounts of downforce at high speeds to keep the back end of the car planted and give a firm comfortable feeling for the driver.




Ford Racing and Roush Performance have a long succussful history that was concieved in racing and forged by winning.  Expaniding on that success they have teamed up to engineer a brand new ROUSHCHARGER for the 2015 Mustang. This 2.3L TVS (Twin-Vortices Series) supercharger kit is designed to optomize performance without sacraficing reliability.  A ROUSH product is something you can take to the track, win, then drive it home and take it to work the next day.
 And here at AIM PERFORMANCE this is what we are all about. Reliability, Performance, and Dominating the competetition.



New for 2015, ROUSH has come out with a quad tip exhaust.  The ROUSH quad tip is an axle back exhaust with high flow dual tip mufflers.  This kit is a direct bolt in that fits perfectly with the rear valance of the Mustang GT.  This new state of the art stainless steel, high flow exhaust will also be able to integrate with the new "Active System" set to release later this year.  The active exhaust gives you the ability to control the sound of your car via an app, bluetooth or GPS.  Case in point - when leaving early in the morning you can adjust the internal blades to keep the exhaust notes at bay so as to not wake your neighbor.  This systems also gives you the ability to "crank up the volume" and really let your car roar.